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est. 04.02.05

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You work so well with pastels! They are not one of my favorites in the color world to work with. You have inspired me.

I loved your class layout this month too. So VERY awesome. :) Now that the kiddos are out of school (or will be after this week), we'll have to do lunch somewhere (preferably with a playplace). LOL! :)

love the layout robyn! i actually have all your classes printed out next to me ... still trying to get around to working on them. lol! but i have taken the general idea from the january class, and have 4 months of my daycare kids scrapped.
i'm with you on so many of these shows. B&S is a favorite, but finale wasn't anything great. DH was good, you must finish that one. i'm 7 episodes behind on grey's, how sad am i? lol! think i still have gossip girl too. i loved kris on AI, and am so glad he won. my thoughts on adam are exactly what you said. but i was shocked too, my mouth was totally dropped for a few minutes too when they announced it. lol!

Great LO! I love how you can open up the sections and look at add'l pics and journaling. watch a lot of the same shows I do. The only ones on your list that I didn't watch (or haven't yet!) are Bros. and Sisters, Gossip Girl, and the Bachelorette. My fave finale was Grey's - bittersweet when we have to say goodbye to some major characters. I was also surprised by Idol and DWTS. I guess it seemed like Adam and Gilles were front-runners, but the votes made the difference! I'm excited about So you think...Dance!! Love to see what the choreographers come up with.
Another show that we watch over the summer is Wipeout - my kids LOVE watching the competitions - and the announcers are very silly sometimes!
Sorry for the long post...I'm a bit of a TV junkie, can't you tell. ;)

oooooh - I'm in love with your new layout! I will be playing along for sure! Still gotta start/finish up April's though. :)

you just rock. simply rock.

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