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Your craft room is gorgeous! I love those buttons on the wall. Thanks for sharing.

You have always been an inspiration with such wonderful and creative ideas. I am so jealous that your scrap space is so clean and organized. :)

SO inspiring! i love the soft yellow color on the walls. right now i have red, which i love, but i'm really liking the softer tones i've been seeing lately. i think i need to pack up my room, haul it all out and then bring things back one box at a time and get it to a point where everything has a home. i work in a 7'x9' space. tiny with my huge L-shaped table.

What a great space!!! Love the colors you chose for your room! Nothing better than a move to force one to become more organized. :) Thanks for sharing your space.

I am so glad I recently found your blog and I love it. You are so created and SO organized.

very functional inspiring room! love it! and where is your polka dot chair from!!!! I want one!

Thanks for sharing your space. It has given me some great ideas on how to redo mine.

I absolutely love your room! I need for everything to have a "home" as well so I know what I have. We just moved & I haven't gotten everything organized yet, but I'm working on it! Thanks for the inspiration.

I love your space - have to go back and look again to take it all in - great job!

love the room -- i am sure it helps you stay inspired!! while i have been scrapbooking for many years, i am a novice when it comes to using the various tools and supplies. do you have any suggestions on a basic starter kit or items i should have/get started with? thank you!!

Wow love your room those white drawers and the cubby holes on the white desk....awesome.

Wow! What a great organized room! Can a room really be that organized??!!! I can't seem to get to the place where it is finally organized and I can just put things away after a newest goal is that every time I go to my studio, I put away a minimum of 10 things, then I get to scrap if I have time. If not, then at least I put away 10 things...sounds so juvenille but it is really working! I may be the only one who sees the difference right now, but that's what matters, right? Your studio looks so organized and yummy! Thanks for sharing! p.s. I'm a stamp junkie so some new hero arts would be a nice little extra for me for Mother's Day coming up! Glad I could play along!

Morning from bonny Scotland - have only just found your blog recently. Love your room - makes me think I should do mine up.

Love your scrap space! (and I admit I am totally jealous) I get a lot of inspiration from your blog. Thanks for sharing with all of us!

love your scrap room and your blog. So much inspiration I just love it. Thanks for posting.

Great room!

Your room is gorgeous! WOW! Love what you've done with it!

Love reading your blog, you are such an inspiration. Love all the photos of your space:)

Love the room. Lots of great ideas!

Your space is beautiful...I want a space like that!!!! It's nice to have a dream...ok...back to scrapbooking! Hope I win!
Lydia in Ohio

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