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Your room is to die for! Thanks for the chance in entering this giveaway!

Love your orgainzed and clean - exactly the opposite of mine!

Oh so jealous right now...hehehee. I love it. I want my room to look like yours. I'm sure my husband would be thrilled as well.

Your space is awesome, I picked up some great ideas that I think will work. My space is an everchanging challenge that I love. Thanks for your ideas.

What a great room! Someday I will have that, I keep telling myself. For now I do with the teenie, tiny corner of my bedroom, but I am getting so many great ideas! Keep posting!! Thanks and Happy Scrappin!

Lovely scraproom! Thanks for all the inspiration that you provide.. Crossing my fingers that I win something - could use a pick-me-up. Thanks and have a great day!

WOW - I Love your room - its beautiful and it really does look organized which is the huge bonus to being able to scrapbook or make cards. Can you tell me where you purchased the wall display with all the drawers, and the black/clear paper holders do you have to take them off each other every time you need a paper or how does that work? I am a stamp/scrapbooking junkie and my room is a disaster - somedays I don't even go in because I am frustrated when I know I have something and I just can't find it!

Thank you for sharing your studio, and being open to share with us where you purchased these items you've used to organize.


This is an inspiration. No matter how much room I find for my stuff - I need more!

What a great room!!! Shows me all the things I need to do to improve mine!

What a fabulous room Robin. Thanks for sharing :)

is it too late to get in on the great giveaway??? pls add me in! btw, love, love, love your scrap room! sooooo jealous of you!!! thanks for always sharing!

Wow...some dandy inspiration here! I am still in the process of planning my room, so glad you posted these wonderful pics to use as inspiration.

Thank you so much for inspration!

Robin, thanks for sharing your beautiful scraproom! I LOVE everything about it! :)

Great scrap room!

love your scrap room. where did you get the white shelf with all of the little white draws? love it!

Your room is simply beautiful. (I found your blog through Amy's--isn't she amazing!)

First of all, congrats on the 400 posts! Did you think when you started this little blog that you would stick with it? I know I didn't when I first started mine, but I'm no where near 400 post yet either.

Second, your room is TO DIE FOR!!!! It's so neat and organized and I love the big polka dot chair! Enjoy your new space Robyn, and happy crafting!

i love your blog robyn---i don't know if you remember me from your lehi ward (&/or high school!), but we moved to idaho around the same time you moved to st. george. anyway, your room is awesome and i have a room with all the stuff in it, but i need to get organized like you! thanks for all the inspirations--now it's time to get to work!

love the room & your blog!

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