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est. 04.02.05

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By the way.... here's the actual link to the site I mentioned yesterday...


I really think you'll enjoy it! :)

Wow... I really loveee your studio!
Looks like you have plenty of room there! That's great!

I figured you might be interested in this site...

If you love making crafts and such... then organization is always important. I thought you might enjoy this:


Anyone who enjoys doing crafts should check out the site!

They have some excellent storage solutions and organizations products. I strongly recommend visiting their website!

Maybe you could even find some more stuff to add into your wonderful studio! :)

hi robyn. congrats on your new move. i am a huge fan of baja beeze. and the light yellow, what a lovely choice...the bits youve shared of your room look perfect so far. good luck getting it all together. i've moved around a bit and know exactly how it feels to start over in a whole new space. (luckily you have a spot just for your stuff).
hope to see more photos soon.
sherry in md

This looks great...I'd love to see more.


You are amazing! I can't believe you are that unpacked and organized already. I've been in my house 10 years and I think if I got things that organized life would run so much smoother! Thanks for the ideas...once again you have motivated me to get to work. I have almost used up the stuff I bought from you. Thanks again!

Love the sneak peeks, Robyn! The colors are beautiful. I can't wait to see more - and to see what you've been creating in there! :o)

hey robyn!
glad you're back :)
i love what you've done so far with your space. and i will be purchasing that little cup shelf asap!

Looks great! Can't wait to see more!

gorgeous!! Love all the blue--that's what I did my kitchen in! So soothing!

Your little drawers that you keep your alpha's in. They are awesome.

hey girlie! Looks cute I love it! I hope your adjusting well, I still am:) take care and call me if you need anything, really.

can't wait to see more!! love the colors. Now I need to redo my room (thanks) :)

it looks amazing and a i adore the tags you made for the chipboard storage.
wonderful room!
can't wait to see more!

Looks gorgeous! I love the apothecary drawers but I REALLY want to know about the chalkboard/bulletin board/white board with letter pockets. Do you know where you got it? It is EXACTLY what I am looking for!LOL!

Good luck with the rest of the unpacking and organizing!

Your room is looking great Robyn! I love the color on the walls and the blue color is so pretty. Have fun unpacking everything.

More, more. I need more. :)

Lovin this to see other peoples houses, especially SBrooms!! That cup holder is way cool and I love the little tags! TFS!

Beautiful! I love the look so far. Thanks for sharing.

what a fun peek inside your studio! and i really love those little drawers. i would find myself singing the alphabet song too if they weren't labeled. lol! that's funny! do you happen to know the name of the yellow paint? i'm wanting to paint my family room area a nice yellow ... but yellows are always so hard to find a good shade of.

Love it! That's a great color on the walls. And I love your little tags for your apothecary drawers! Looks like it is all coming together very nicely.

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