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est. 04.02.05

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wow! you have so much going on. I cant believe that your little one is walking, so cool! Love your new layouts, I always love your work :)

Loved your Garden stuff, Robyn - we celebrated my niece's 1st birthday on Christmas Eve...she just learned to walk a few weeks before, too. So funny how she and Jaxson have been neck and neck from the start. So, the second she could walk and carry something...she discovered the toilet. Yep, she still can't flush, buy my sister has found a few unpleasant surprises there - hard to get the 5 yo big brother to remember to shut the toilet after he's done! Yuck.
I got the 365 kit, and am fired up to get my hands on it!

Super cute layouts! Sorry to hear about your camera!

Thanks for all of your info! I always feel like I am up to date after reading your blog.
I love looking at your refreshing LO's and can't wait for your class at 2P's

Have a great week!

Your work is such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing!

Great LOs!! I got a shipping notice from CK that my 365 stuff is I assume that means I did get one, but with all the craziness & confusion I'm not saying I got one until it's in my hot little hands LOL. -But, I have been taking pix way or another I'm doing this project. :)

hi Robyn,
I check out your blog an a regular basis, but I'm not sure if I've ever left a comment! :) So sad to hear about your camera, really, I think I'm having sympathy pains! It's amazing how fast our little ones grow right before our eyes, isn't it? It seems like just yesterday I came home with my third (and final) baby and now she's upstairs screaming and pounding on the walls cause she doesn't want to take a nap...*sigh* Hee-Hee! I really love your layouts and your style just rocks!

um, ok, WHAT!?!?! he's turning ONE this month? when you first said he was walking, i was automatically thinking..."what is he, like 6 months old?!? how is he walking at 6 months?"
i can NOT believe that!!! wow! go jaxon! :)
love the new layouts! expecially the one with you and hubby. too cool!

Love the new layouts Robyn. That amy butler stuff is lovely, and I love the one of the two of you. You are so lucky the kids have gone back to school, still 5 more weeks to go here. luckily the weather has been amazing though so as soon as they get grumpy I throw them both in the pool!!! Project 365 - I'm so on it. Laura V so kindly managed to get me a kit which will get to me eventually (via her, a hotel and a flight attendant friend lol) so looking forward to getting it, am filing everything digitally until it does! such a great concept, especially when you have no oomph to be creative which is totally me these days!! Enjoy your time back to yourself :o)

Oh no!! I'm sorry about your is that little guy walking already. I still think of him as a newborn? LOL! Kids are so don't hear them coming. My 5 year old know that and uses it to her advantage. LOL!
Your LO's are so beautiful...thanks for sharing with us. I will definately check out 2peas!


I started using twopeas back in 2004. When i look thru my old bookmarks, there are so many of your layouts marked. You have such a beautiful style!!! I love the two blue & red lay outs. They are just phenomenal!! Thanks for sharing!!

little dude is walking and yanking camera's off the table?!?!? good luck robyn! i think it's so funny when they start walking. you're not used to it ... and then they come around a corner ... and you're like "where did YOU come from?". lol!

i did get my project 365 kit ordered ... and can't wait to get it. have my first weeks photos all printed and ready to go. and i have to check out the new hero arts catalog ... need some new stamps to play with!e

loved your garden layouts ... especially the "balance" one. such a fun idea to put down all the random thoughts of everything we need to do and want to do.

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