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i loooooove san francisco, and am actually moving there at the end of the month :)

the usual stuff - cable cars, fisherman's wharf, ghirardelli square, golden gate bridge (you can get a great view from baker beach or crissy fields, if you dont' want to actually WALK the bridge), golden gate park (not alllll of it because it's HUGE but i like the botanical gardens, the conservatory, and the de young museum...but it's fun to walk around in there too), lombard, union square (especially if you love to shop! and it's a fun people watching spot!)

i also love haight-ashbury....soooo much color and funk there. and eat at cha cha cha there....yummy tapas, especially the fried banans! if you walk down a little bit from there, there's also this cool alley behind amoeba records! SF also has a bunch of cool museums...i really want to go to the academy of sciences, which just opened up a few months ago. i also went to the MOMA recently, and they had fun stuff in the interactive art exhibits. check out mama's in washington square for the BEST french toast and omelettes EVER. the civic center area has some gorgeous architecture (city hall, the opera house, etc).

SF is just a great city to roam around. i just love walking around, taking everything in....there's always something interesting to see.

im from sf and if you've never been to my city then you have to play tourist! first fishermans wharf where they sell freshly caught crab! also pier 39 where the seals are. theres also lombard street aka crooked street. golden gate bridge is a big favorite. you can catch a cable car and its bring you straight to chinatown which is right next to north beach (location of stinking rose). the golden gate park is lovely where the new academy of sciences just opened. ghirardelli square has a really great dessert place. order the earthquake its a gigantic plate of ice cream which usually requires several ppls. delicious! also try to see if you can ride the boats to Alcatraz or sausalito. must see places! hope that helps :P

If you like taking pictures, photos of the Golden Gate Bridge from Baker Beach were fun too (fog allowing). Be forwarned (although this time of year shouldn't be a problem I would think) of clothing optional folks at I think the north end.

Chevys is the best chain restaurant Mexican I've ever had (yummy!) and as many times as I've been to SF, I've always been told to do the Stinking Rose but have not had a chance yet.

Have fun in San Fran!

i second the stinking rose! yummy!
you gotta go to Fillmore street!
they have a paper source and papyrus.
there is also some amazing restaurants there.
i also loved the Betsy Johnson store there too.
have fun!
p.s. don't forget H&M for great fashion at can't beat prices.

I live just outside of SF. TONS of great places to visit. One of my favorite places to spend a few hours is the ferry building. It's full of great local food stalls. They have a farmers market there some days too. Nothing better than grabbing a little assortment of goodies and taking it across the street to Justin Herman Plaza for a picnic and the best people watching anywhere. The Slanted Door is a very San Francisco restaurant right in the ferry building too. A little pricey but yummy and fun. Great shopping at Union Square too - Macys and a whole bunch of other stuff. First Crush is a good restaurant/wine bar near there. Fisherman's wharf is fun. Gotta go to Boudin Bakery for some awesome SF sourdough and Ghiradelli Square has a chocolate factory store with amazing ice cream sundaes. Also fun shopping and great people watching.

So many great places to see in the surrounding areas too. Feel free to get in touch if you want any more suggestions.

Also just wanted to say that I LOVE your work. So creative, beautiful and inspiring.

I was born and raised in Concord... which is about 45 minutes east of San Fran.... so many places to see for sure....
Chinatown is always fun... lots of fun photo ops!...
The Cable car turn around (Powell street) is a fun spot... and there is a Macys nearby and some other stores in downtown as well...
I haven't been there in years so can't recommend any restaurants???
Pier 39/Fishermans wharf are always fun for tourists as well!!
Im jealous.... have fun! and enjoy!

Kim Faucher

No ideas for San Fran but
I just had to come tell you that you are SO talented! I love all your pages in Jan. Scrap Etc! The snowflakes as flowers page is gorgeous!! :)

Our favorite place to eat at is Savor (address below)

3913 24th St, San Francisco 94114
Btwn Noe & Sanchez St.

It's a mix of Mediterranean, Californian, American

They have the best crepes!

And if you want to go to the beach, I would suggest driving down a bit to Half Moon Bay. Just gorgeous there.

Are any vineyards open this time of year? I was there in March of 2006 & did a day long Sonoma Valley Winery Tour!!! It was SO much FUN!!!!!! We stayed right in the heart of Union Square, walked to the Pier (Watch out for the man with the bush!!) & explored the hundreds of shops in Chinatown (try the Dim Sum!!!).

Have FUN!!

well, i'm only about an hour away from SF ... so i really think you should come spend the day with me! the vegas house is the place to be in CA. lol!

sadly, even though i'm only an hour away ... i can offer you NO help when it comes to places to see in the city. lol! havn't been there in years. of course, fisherman's wharf and pier 39 come to mind ... but i honestly can't say for sure what's there these days. hope you have a great trip!

We went there 3 years ago and if you love music you have to check out Amoeba Music. It's in the Height/Ashbury area but it's humungous and I just remember buying CDs that I've never heard of from my favorite artists and some used DVDs.

For shopping I'd just recommend the Union Square (I think that's the name, it's downtown) area because there are just so many stores.

I also love the restaurant Chevy's. It's Mexican and they used to have some in Utah but they were really gross when they are in Utah. I love the SF Chevy's and their salsa.

Also if you have any time whatsoever and a car. I'd go up to Marin County on a drive on the highway that winds along the coast. It's so beautiful. We went to this lighthouse at Point Reyes and it was just gorgeous the whole way there.

I haven't been to SF in forever but one of my favorite restaurants is called The Stinking Rose. It is everything garlic, so if you're a garlic lover you MUST eat there: My favorite, and I can still remember it even though it was almost 10 years ago, was the roasted garlic potato onion soup. Yum! If you have time, be sure and take in a play too! Have a great time!

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