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Wow - back to Salt Lake, huh? That should be great! I wish you guys well. Moving is sooo not fun!
Happy Early Birthday!!!

so i'm moving at the end of the week...into a space that's maybe half of my current room...and so i'm trying to downsize all my scrapping stuff and driving myself crazy. sigh. so i'm with ya, packing is NO FUN!

Best of luck on your move. The only good thing about packing is getting to dejunk. Other than that it's never any fun. Hope all goes well! I'm no scrapbooker but I love your 2009 design above. I think you have more creativity in one finger than I have in my entire body! Hope the move goes well!

Hi Robyn! Love your LO! Good luck with your move. I'm sure there are many fun adventures waiting! :)

Oh, packing! It's such a chore! LOL! Your layout is gorgeous!

glad you had a great trip robyn! and how fun to have all your birthdays coming up this week! although i don't envy all the packing you have to do. lol! i was just cleaning out my studio this weekend ... and for some reason i was thinking about how much work it would be if i ever had to pack it all up and move it. i just can't even imagine! but sounds so exciting at the same time ... the prospect of somewhere new!

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