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est. 04.02.05

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I keep seeing that "open scallop" border everywhere, but I can't find out what company makes it...could you give us some supply info on this cute layout. If you can do THAT kind of work in 30 minutes....well, challenge yourself to do 30 minute layouts more often.

There's an old line from one of the songs in the play "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" that goes

" I work
best under pressure, and there'll
be lots of pressure if I
wait til tomorrow, so I'll
wait til tomorrow!"

as always, robyn, i love all the new stuff that you posted...and may have to stop reading your blog without warnings of su! goodness ahead...i so want a catalog that butterfly die. (have yet to use the note one, because i broke a "b" plate in my cuttlebug...) happy birthday to all of you and i wish the best of luck with your move. i i absolutely HATE IT! i'm so glad that i only had to put up with 13 years of the military and we can stay put for a little while. i do remember when jaxon was born, because aedan was born on the 16th and we kept up as to where we were. haha. can't believe that are little guys are NOT so little anymore. =0( it has flown by!

just keep telling your self that the move will be over with before you know it. make it your mantra. always works for me.=0)

I'm glad the move got pushed back a bit. Packing and purging is such a pain. :( Hopefully things go smoothly and you are up this direction soon.

great job!! I am very slow at scrapping pages also sometimes it sits for days before I finish it

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