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that looks awesome Robyn!!

i LOVE that butterfly page. glad you got so much done. and yes... i hear ya on the "scraplifting" thing... that kinda sucks. sorry you're in this situation.

Hooray! I'm local...can I have some goodies? I'm so glad you girls had a good time. It's nice to have a girl's weekend no matter what you do! How did Ryan do with the kids? Good luck with the first day of school.

Very cute project Robyn! Can't wait to see what else you ladies worked on!

adorable project Robyn :)

Whenever I get the desire flooding my soul to maybe perhaps pick up a scrapbook supply and create something, I come to your blog. It gives me the creative fix I need, and makes me realize, with people as talented as you in the scrapbook world, there is no need for me to EVER pick up another piece of scrapbook related garb. I love the butterflies. Jaxon, is beyond cute. I think if I were to ever decide 4 kids wasn't enough, I'd want to channel his adorableness for one more little boy. Not happening, but you know, if it did. He's the way to go.

Hey girl, such a cute butterfly project :) I'm right with you on the girlfriends crafting escape. Sometimes that's just the push we need to get our creative mojo back.

I also hear you on the scrap lift thing. You did a wonderful job with your wording of the post.

I love the butterflies! I've been wanting to do something similar ever since I saw Ali do it. Way cool.

oh, wow!!!! what a beautiful project Robyn! It sounds like you had just the best time! So fun. :)

robyn, i LOVE it! it is really so cool and perfect to look at for inspriation! i wish i was a local gal! i'd be taking some of your goodies off your hands with no complaints!
so sorry about seeing your idea un-credited out there. :( you are sooooo inspiring and i bet a lot of people probably have your ideas in their heads as inspiration for what they want to create. i hope they remember to credit you. you deserve it!

Oooh, awesome butterfly project!!Sounds like you and Amy had a fabulous time! I wondered why she wasn't at Convention this year! *wink* Our loss, your gain! lol!

Very cool project...who makes the butterfly punch you used? It's really cute!

sounds like you had a great weekend! that butterfly project is gorgeous! how fun to do something different on each one! my girls start school next monday ... and i can't wait!!! lol! and totally understandable that you want to protect your creations. i love being inspired by others ... but i make sure to give credit where credit is due. i think that's important!

LOVE what you created, Robyn! SO pretty! SO glad you and your friend had an amazing time! Sounds like fun! Oh, do I wish I was local. Sigh! Sorry you've had some problems with people copying your work and not giving you credit. That has to be a bit frustrating! Hugs to you! Hope you have a great week!!! :)

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