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hi Robyn!

what a sweet picture of your little gradeschooler! Yay! that she did well at school! I hope things get better for her at home too!


*hugs* Robyn... she is so beautiful. Sorry to hear about the rough times.. hope it will get better really, really, really soon :)

what a beautiful little thing she is robyn!! wow!!
that's great to hear that she is doing well in school! i am so sorry about things being hard at home! i am always here if you need to talk!

I hope things get better! That is such a hard transition to make- being gone all day- for both of you. She is darling. I love her sweet little face.

Such a beautiful picture. So sorry to hear she is having a hard time at home. I had something like that wiht my daughter last year when she started second grade, we had just moved and she had such a hard time.
She would just cry all the time and it would just break my heart. They should be happy and carefree at that age not holding the weight of the world on their sweet little sholders. We ended up putting her on medication that really did help. I'm not sure what your dd tried but if you want to talk you can email me. Hugs and good luck

When I taught kindergarten, I would watch my kids from the year before across the hall in first grade. As excited as they were, it's a huge transition, and I had some parents tell me their kiddos would come home and just cry. Sound familiar? Maybe it's not the meds...just a big change. You obviously know more about your daughter. You'll make the right choice for her. :) I guess I just wanted to let you know that you are definitely NOT alone on this. Good luck!
By the way, yes, I really do want goodies. WHo could resist? Also, let's get together when things calm down a bit.
I know this is long, but I also wanted to tell you that my mom was looking through Cam's birthday pictures, and she kept telling me how cute she thinks Madi is. She loves her personality. She's so sweet!
Ok, now I'm really done this time.

I'm so sorry to hear that you are going through some challenges right now. Sometimes it's so hard to be the Mom and not be able to fix things for our children. It's difficult when our plan for our children is not the Lord's plan. I am sure your sweet girl is growing up well loved and well taken care of and that's why she got such great parents. I just hope that the doctor can find out the best way to help your sweet girl. Big hugs to you and her!!

Aw, big hugs to you, girl. So sorry that your sweetie is having a hard time with some things. I'll be thinking of you both and praying things get better soon!

Love that sweet and beautiful photo! ;)

Congratulations to your sister and Happy Friday!! Hugs!! :)

that is so great that she is loving school and doing so well! my oldest is in 7th grade right now and getting into all these jr high activities ... and i have a hard time walking away and leaving her too. lol! i keep watching and turning around ... like she's going to change her mind and want me to stay!

sorry to hear she's having a rough week at home though. that's gotta be rough ... to be away from her all day and then have her crying and unhappy about things when she is back home. hang in there ... and i know you and the doctor will figure out what works!

What a beauty! I'm so glad school went well for her. I'm so sorry about the struggles at home. Do not beat yourself up. You are a wonderful mom and she is so lucky to have you. Please tell Shannon congrats from me. How exciting.

Sorry she's having such a hard time...hopefully everything will work out soon! Sorry you miss her. That is a beautiful picture of her! My daughter, Kendall, who is my oldest, starts Kindergarten next week. I'm so excited. And she holds her potty all day too...I told my Dr about it and he says its impossible. I disagree!

I'm sorry to hear the transition to school has been rough for your little one. Unfortunately all of that stress from holding it together all day sometimes gets the best of those who have to put more effort in managing their behavior. Hopefully things will even out for her and your family. Good luck with the meds, I know how tough it can be to find the right combination. Take care!

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