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est. 04.02.05

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Beautiful Baby,beautiful layout! Please share what font you used for your title and how you cut it out. I love it!

so incredibly gorgeous.
both of your layouts are amazing...pieces of art, indeed.
robyn, i have been meaning to ask you what the tool is you use for your handcut titles?
i love it.

Seriously you need to bring back those challenges!!!! I loved them and miss them (ok, and if you already have, I am a dorkus and do not know where to find them ;) )! And these two layouts, WOW!!!!!! Just wow!!!

Beautiful! btw.......what do you use for words. Is that cricut? thanks!

Wow! These are amazing! There's no point in me ever picking up this Always stamp set again, why bother! Thanks for sharing these, I love them!

Fantastic LO...wondering too about your titles-how did you do them? Thanks

So happy to see you using this set. Lovin this idea!!!

Nothing like seeing the Robyn/Nichol mind meld, lol (Star Trek...get it?)...anyway, I love them both!

awesome layouts that both of you have the ones from the previous post too. i can't look @ a su! catalog (NEED one more than want one) because i get into too much trouble;0) now i may have to go online and that's not as good as seeing it in the i'll wait...until tomorrow maybe...

I love all the stamping techniques here!! Wow! You both have opened my eyes on how to use my cherished stamps on my LO's! TFS.

Love what you two have done!

Can you tell me what did you use for your larger letters. Thanks!

How funny! I've recently become a stalker to Nichol's blog too. :) Now I'm in my glory with the two of you crankin' such loveliness. :)

I love what you did with the flower stamp for the border, so darn clever! Both layouts are gorgeous. I have that Always stamp set, it is one of my favorites.

Love these layouts!! Great job! I also would like to know about your titles - I love it!!

you and nichol created some incredible layouts!!! love all the embossing you did and the way you stamped on the buttons too. and i've been loving your titles lately ... are they hand-cut? gorgeous font!

this was seriously the most fun I've had in a long time! I *LOVE* your layout. Thanks again, girl! Love ya!

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