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I think that while they are little, we spend too much time doing things because we want them to like us. Not because it is for their own good. So while they are little I believe that while there is fun and such you should not strive to be buddies. Because do you mind (as in obey) your buddy. No, you obey your parents (hopefully LOL) But as they grow your parenting changes. Less displine more firndship and sharing. My Mom is absolutely my best friend. Was she while I was growing up? No, she was my mother. Now we have the freedom to be buddies :) My MIL spent WAY too much time trying to be friends with her kids. They pretty much did what they wanted, when they wanted. Things that were NOT good for them. Don't get me wrong. I play with my kids, I enjoy them. But right now my job is to train them up in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it. Hopefully you understand what I mean LOL.

most surely you can be both! i think we need to be more in mom mode when our kids are young and need direction and guidance. but as they get older and make their own choices we can be more like a good friend. my oldest daughter is 23 and we are the best of friends! i love it! i think of the bad friend mom like the mom in mean girls--amy pohler! ha ha

Oh I totally think it's possible to be both friends and mothers to our children! At least I'm praying it's possible. My mom is really my best friend, as well as one of all of my siblings closest friends. She's the BEST! Sure, she was a mom, but we respected and obeyed her much more when she also showed us the love of a friend.

I also agree with what you said about mother's day being to celebrate all women. It breaks my heart to see childless people on this holiday and remember the years my hubby and I struggled - those Mother's Days (and many other holidays) were so hard without children. I think those who want children desperately are as much mothers as those who have children - and I hope more people honor and celebrate them on such occasions.

ABSOLUTELY!!! i think so! in fact, that has been my one biggest hope for me and my daughter, that we can also be friends. that she will see that i establish rules and say no sometimes not only because i am her mom, but that i am her friend. and i have told her ever since she was old enough to listen that she and her daddy are and will always be my best friends, and that i promise to be theirs. i think it is SO important! i always love your posts, robyn. they really get me thinking and sometimes stir up emotions. i love that you can connect with people that way! kudos to you!! :)debbie

Love this post, Robyn! I definitely think that we can be both a Mom and a friend to our children. I think that there are just certain times when the "Mom" needs to be there a bit more like during their formative years, but I hope that when Caylin and any more children that I have are older that we can be the best of friends. I want to be the kind of Mom that my daughter wants to be close with and tell everything to. I really hope to have that special bond with her even when she is older. I am looking forward to stepping back a bit when she is older and having more of the "friend" come out. ;)

great post robyn. i think we can be both moms and friends to our children. i hope i'm accomplishing that with my girls. my second all time favorite tv show (friends comes in first) is "gilmore girls". i loved how lorelai (spl!) was a super cool mom to rori ... and they were the best of friends. i want to be her as a mom. lol! i was so sad last night watching the last episode ... i seriously cried through the entire show. they were just so close ... and to see rori getting ready to leave home and go out on her own was just heartbreaking. i want my girls to listen to me and respect me and do what i say ... but i also want them to think i'm pretty cool and want to hang out with me. most of the time i think they just think i'm dorky though. lol!

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