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I had issues with my 29th birthday too. But I did a little soul searching through out the year and by the time my 30th birthday came, I was pretty happy with myself. Good luck with your quest for balance...I'm sure you'll be able to do it! Have a Happy Birthday!

Happy New Year, Robyn! I also have a January birthday :D You think 20s went by fast? Wait for the 30s ;) I hope your birthday is a happy one. I got up at 4:30am on mine, kissed and hugs my girls twice before leaving (I couldn't believe they woke up, but they really wanted to say happy birthday), and drove 2 hours to get on a plane. I spent the day in Boston with a friend and her husband. We shopped at a fab scrapbook store, and she cooked me a delicious supper. Quite a nice birthday, wouldn't you say? :D I did wish my husband could have been there. His 40th birthday was this week, and we always go out and celebrate our birthdays together. We did that on Tuesday night, without kids, and it was a perfect evening. He didn't even seem to mind the black balloons from the girls, the ones tied on our mailbox, or the ones tied on our street sign ;)
Looking forward to seeing your designs at CHA - will you be there?

I turn 45 on the 22nd this month.. I know how you feel!

good word. BALANCE. that's actually my fiance's word of the year. i mentioned the whole "word' idea when I first saw it on Ali's blog, and it's become a great matter of discussion. my own word for the year is "responsibility." I want to take more control of my life, rather than complain about things. no, i can't control everything, but i can make myself more of an active participant, you know?

Hey Robyn! Love your word! My word is simplify! I love the motto - live simply, simply live. I'm going to be turning 29 just a few days after you (Feb. 2nd) and I'm right there with ya! I feel the same way! Oh, and I loved the storage ideas, too! Anywho, hope you and your family are doing well! Hugs!! :)

Oh, we share a birthday!

Happy early birthday Robyn!! my Birthday is the 29th....ill be 28 so i feel ya on theose years slippin by! take care!

great word Robyn! i blogged about this very thing yesterday. i chose the word "change".

Happy Upcoming Birthday! Have fun taking Heidi's class! You will have to share your experiences with the class - i wish i could have taken it but it wasn't doable for me right now.

take care~

This was a GREAT entry, Robyn :) Good luck finding balance! Hugs!

My word is endure. SEriously. This year is all about enduring to the end. Not the end of my life mind you, just the end of the things I have to accomplish. And like you. Its a LONG list. Love your word, and I know you can do it. Inspiration is what you do best. I have faith in you =)

Great word...I could use some of that in my word is "PLAY" last year I as looking for peace in my that I am better with that I want to enjoy each day and PLAY

how exciting to be taking heidi's class! i loved the idea behind it ... just couldn't afford it. and i love your word for the year. i have been following ali's posts about this also ... but havn't thought too much about a word for myself. i have to say that balance is a great choice. it's something i am really lacking in ... have a hard time finding balance in anything. good luck with the kiddos ... hope they're feeling better soon.

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