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est. 04.02.05

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Well I am proud to be the first male on this comments page but fitting that the only brother get on and tell his sister how awesome she is! Robyn these are so amazing. I was at a job fair yesterday and stampin' up was there and I mentioned your name and the woman there just raved about you. You are so well known and your work is incredible. Obviously I know nothing about scrapbooking but I know something about beauty and you capture it amazingly. Your kids are going to be superstars with all the publishing your doing of them. You should do some pages with pictures of yourself, maybe you don't realize how beautiful you are too! I'm proud of you sis. Your pages are beautiful but the most beautiful creations you ever made were those 2 great kids! I'm proud to be their uncle and your ONLY brother! Thanks for letting me know about this blog! You're awesome!

Woowsers! I read about the site last night and went to it and saw your amazing work!! I'm a bit confused with the circle one, did you do all of it? Who are the other pictures in it of, if you did? They were both amazing!!! You just keep coming up with might boogling creativity! So tonite I got on your blog and in scrolling to the bottom (where I thot I'd find where I could leave a comment) I was able to read all your entries showing at this time. How fun! And it reminded me the last time you brought my attention to something, how much I liked your updates and being able to check out the "Be Creative" Spot, where the creative dwell and teach and respond! Love it! Then I realized the "comment" spot and am leaving it here so you see it. But loved it all! Course, know it or not..I'm your biggest fan! Can I join you in "Balance" goals for 2007?! This is indeed THE year!!! I'm with ya girl!!! always, mutti


I can't believe how talented you are. It is so great to see that your layouts and amazing skill are in all of these books...the world is finally seeing what your lucky family gets to see all the time: your amazing, unique, and inspiring creations! You do such a great job. It makes me want the books to see everything you wrote about those pages. And I miss seeing your cute office and all your recent faves. I love your blog, too...I need one like this, it is great. How are you so good at posting so often? Great job. Love you lots!
Love, your sis, Shannon

how exciting to see your work in print like that! i can't wait to get my hands on those books!!!

wow! i will definitely be getting these books!

Congratulations Robyn! I'm so excited about these new books
(especially the stamping one). Your pages are awesome!
Can't wait to see more :)

Yay! How awesome, Robyn! Those Designing with books are my FAVORITE! So excited and happy for you! I'm going to have to get me those! I might need you to autograph them for me! ;) Congratulations!!! :)

beautiful work!

OK, those books are worth it for YOUR work alone! But wow, you're in great company there too! CAN'T wait and FOR SURE I need both books. Congrats Robyn, you deserve all your success! WooHoo! Celebrate :)

So excited for you robin! I can not wait for these to come out they are must haves for sure. Huge congrats for sure!

congratulations, robyn.
this must be so exciting.
i'm so happy for you.
cannot wait to see these books!

I saw these in person and I'm sad to say I shed a little tear thinking of how good I will never be compared to all you ladies. You my dear are the official queen of all that is good. Those books look AMAZING, and your layouts are as always TDF. Congrats =)

Add another drooler here. They look fabulous!!!

Hey Robyn, I noticed your kids right away, when I looked at the catalog online. That is so cool! You should be so proud. You're stuff is always so creative. Can't wait to see the books in person.

Wowzers Girl!! So incredible!! I can't wait to get my hands on these. This is going to be one amazing year for you. I'll email you later tonight , lots to catch up on.

i'm with cathy ... drooling all over keyboard here too! lol! the DW idea books are some of my favorite eye candy ... such amazing stuff from front to back. and i think it's just so neat that we'll be able to see all your work in those pages now too! now ... can i wait a few months for these?!?!?! lol!

oh my gosh!
i'm drooling here!
I totally want the designing with details book - i think the details make a page and I want to add more details to my layouts...
and the clear stamps one is a no-brainer!
can't wait to get these!

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