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est. 04.02.05

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I just want to say that your work is AWESOME!!


i feel your pain!!! only 2 days ago, ALL of my digital photos from 2006 were deleted from my computer!!! I am searching for a good unformatting and recovery program to help me out, and seriously hoping that it works! so, trust me, i feel your pain!!

i am so sorry to hear that you had problems with transferring images from your card - i hope that you are able to recover the images! i lost a lot of photos once when i went to New York - i learned that not all CF cards are created equal. some cards are better than others for recording the digital images from your camera.

i have not yet scrapped this year and have not done anything since christmas. i am sure your mojo will flow soon- it always does~

Hey, Robyn,
Were you uploading with a card reader or straight from your cam? I've got a card that is tempermental, and sometimes it will say "no images" when in my camera, and yet, when I put it in my card reader connected to my USB port, they upload fine. Hope you get it figured out.

omg ... i hope you're able to recover your pictures! that would be so sad to lose christmas pics. i havn't scrapped in almost a month ... so let me know how you got your mojo back! lol! one of the few layouts i did the last time i scrapped turned out so bad ... i knew it was bad when i didn't show it to anyone!

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