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Can totally relate to the "urge" of buying just one more thing for your scrappin stash. It's too irresitable...Love your work so much..Simone xxooo

Just wait untill you have 4 teenagers like me...LOL YOU are amazing! YOU are an awesome MOM! A little OCD is ok with me...We all have QUIRKS! Embrace difference!
love you lady...
kiss kiss

I think you are really going to be happy that you made this list in about 10 years. :)

It's these kinds of daily stuff that becomes routine for us as their parents, but we will forget it soon enough.

Have a great day! :)

awwwwww, robyn. it is tough, i know. my ashlyn is "special" that way too. just diagnosed with sensory issues and starting OT soon. (HUGS), i totally understand the frustration and the overwhelming feeling that comes along with it.

My oldest son, now almost 8, had certain things about him, too. He is finally growing out of some, but not all! We cannot spring anything on him - he has to know (way in advance) what is next at all times.

I have an autistic nephew (who is 7) and still struggles...some of the same "ideas" you spoke of. What has helped him is public school - he sees what other kids are doing and wants to be like them.

With ALL kids, it's easier on us as parents to learn these things about our children and go with them. You are not giving in to your child, but trying to make life easier for you and your entire family. Some things you will never be able to change, and accepting that is half the battle. Remembering that some battles are not worth fighting will make your life so much easier!!

Best of luck...I know it's not easy on any of you. Just remember how fortunate she is to have a mom like you. Not all kids with issues like autism have loving families who work with them :)

My son is four and yes he has a lot of requests like Maddison does. He likes his cereal in the same bowl, He has to have a big cup like the rest of us when we go somewhere, no little cups for him. He doesn't like the tags in the back of his shirts so they have to be taken out. i could go on and on, maybe not all kids are like that but I think it is something that any child can have reguardless of having Autism or not=)

Madisyn...has some cute request...especially the Mac & Cheese...that is 2cute. I have to admit...none of my kids when they were little had any...I'm thinking...but if they did I can't remember. Oh...yeah...None of my kids like to eat that very first or last piece of bread. They get that from my Father...but beside that let see...I don't know if there's anymore....

Thanks for sharing your kids special requests :)

Wow, Robin, that is quite the list of rules and regulations--haha! Although, I'm sure it is very overwhelming and exhausting! My little boy is like this is a few ways, but not too bad-maybe some of it IS related to the autisism? It sounds very detailed. Kids are all so different and I often wonder if my kids are "normal" too-like do other parents have to deal with this kind of mess day in and day out? lol...yep, parenting definitely IS the hardest job!!

Hang in there, girl....

Isn't it amazing the personality quirks they have? My kids do the same thing but its usually just from the way they were raised. I think its awesome you have this recorded. I need to do the same thing!

the things we'll do for our kids! i think all kids have their quirks. i know my girls have certain things that have to be done the same way every time. and i have one of my daycare boys who is very particular about things. in fact, he couldn't handle preschool because they made him wear shoes and socks (he never wears them in the house), took away his "deedee" (pacifier that he has to have even though he's 3 1/2), etc. they just didn't do things "his way" ... so he came back to my daycare because i would do these things for him. good to know you got those down in writing though ... i know my girls had things that i no longer remember.

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