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    Have you checked out the awesome products available through Stampin' Up? If your interested, check out my site for the online catalog, online ordering, fun ideas and more! :)

est. 04.02.05

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very cool! :) Added several more bags to my already growing stash of buttons...thanks for the link! :) I enjoy reading your blog!! :)

Hey Robyn,

Thanks for the 411...You can never have enough buttons in my book :). Thanks for link...Now I must leave...I need toorder some buttons for myself ;-) and a couple for some good friends.

Have a wonderful weekend :)

thanks for the link! just got me some more buttons!! fun!

Thanks Robyn, for the info! I love buttons. Is there a coupon for this sale or is the $2.99 the sale price? Thanks!

I so own all those buttons.And now I own them all again, at half off. MUAH ha ha.. Thanks for the info!

dude i shop there ALL the time. and like no needy more buttons.

haha ;)

i'm a button fanatic! this a great price on those bags too! i bought a ton from that same site over a year ago. bought them all because i was teaching classes ... then the store closed ... and i'm stuck with millions of buttons! lol! not that i won't use them!

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