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est. 04.02.05

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LOVE your pumpkin Robyn!!!

Love that pumpkin!

I switched to a Mac in Nov '05 and haven't look back. Love everything about it. It did take some retraining on how my brain worked but it makes SO MUCH MORE SENSE! I got Microsoft Office for Mac and all my previous documents worked perfectly on the new Mac. I just use Photoshop Elements (still learning) for photo editing and I love how iPhoto works. I had problems viewing internet pages with Safari (mac browser) so I downloaded Mozilla Firefox (free) and it works just fine.

Have fun!

About your Mac, but I also love your pumpkin, I changed over to MAC in April. Once you go MAC you never go back ;) HA HE HA HA!! Really though. It is so easy to get used to. I love their i photo, i tunes, calender, pages etc... As far as browsers go, I use Firefox. I also like Safari but I just am used to Firefox. You should sign up for procare. It's a 100 bucks and you can go get one on one help about anything on the computer once a week for free at any MAC store. There are a few stores in Utah but I am not sure if there is one in St. George. It ends up to be $1.99 an hour for the year! Great deal! I have learned so much by going once a week and getting that one on one help with a MAC expert. With procare you can also get as much help as you need on the phone with the MAC experts!. If you have any other questions you can e-mail me: [email protected] I have been enjoying your challenges!

Robyn, this is DARLING!
LOVE this!
Hope you had a great Halloween!!!!

that is so so neat!!! the black ribbon is icing on the cake!

love the pumpkin!! have fun with your computer - you will love it!

Love, LOVE, love!!!!! your pumpkin!!!!!!!!!

Super cute pumpkin! :)

gorgeous pumpkin!!
never seen anything like it!
so elegant.

oh robyn,
your pumpkin is gorgeous!
love this!
i must remember this for next year.
i hope all is well.
congrats on the new computer...have fun!

Oh my gosh! That pumpkin is great!

I LOVE your pumpkin!

how sad is it that my girls don't even expect us to do anything to the pumpkins ... they just know that the pumpkins sit on the porch. lol! i'm just not a big pumpkin carver ... but i'm loving your pumpkin! may have to keep that in mind for next year.
congrats on the new computer! how fun!

SHe creates, she sings, she raises perfect children, AND she decorates PUMPKINS!!!! How will I ever catch up... ;) I love it... and I have no idea if you sing or not. But it made my list soundbetter. Have fun with the MAC!

oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!! love your silver pumpkin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oooohhhh...your pumpking is sooooo cute! i didn't get around to carving mine, maybe i'll have to do something quick like this!

have fun with your new toy;)
macs rock

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