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est. 04.02.05

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these are amazing, robyn! I can't believe I missed these last week!
love your work!
lovin those buttons on the first one and that pink/green combo...beautimous!
and the flowers on the baby sweet...your layout made a 'bad' photo really rock.

LOL! I'm forever losing track of all the cool new stuff I buy...such a typical thing for me.

Congrats to your sister...and hey! I love your work!


I love these layouts!-
especially the button frame--

by the way I am going to creative escape- hope to meet you!
Wendy know I love your stuff. Congrats on your new nephew.. I'm excited to see him!

FABULOUS LO's as usual :) Congrats on your new Nephew too!!
Checked out the Freestyle challenge and loved your post, I even got a LO completed. Will have to check out the freestyle blog more often for more challenges. Thanks for the link!


Robyn!! I love them!! Actually I just got the new CK and I LOVE THE LAYOUT OF YOUR GIRL!!! That is incredibly darling!! She looks so young in the l/o. Keep inspiring the masses! You are great!


Your layouts are great, I really like them, I scraplift so many of them, so please keep up the work.

Robin, your LO's are spectacular, as always. And CONGRATS on becomming an Auntie!!! I'm hoping to get some scrappin in on this Labor Day weekend!!

Well...I love your layouts! (I always do...) Cute, cute photo of you as a little tike. :)

Love your layouts. Always do! I don't post online, but I do scraplift your layouts:-) Hope you don't mind. I'll share one with you sometime.

Are you still planning to do the q&a thing??

I'd love to see your business cards, to hear more about how you get your little ones to sit still long enough for the great shots you get, more about how you organize your scrapping stuff, and what are some of your favorite local stores (both southern Utah and back up in SLC).

Okay...I think that is a good start!

congrats on the new baby!
what are you talking about nobody likes your pages? that's insane! your work is gorgeous!!

Love the layouts! Have fun in AZ!

I always love your layouts, just can't always find the time to post!! :0)

Congrats to Shannon!!!

Have a great time in Arizona!

Hey Robin! You're so funny to think no one likes your layouts--ya right!! They are both great--esp the one with all the buttons--love all the colors you have going on! Congrats on the new baby in the family! I'm having a hard time not buying everything too! heehee! I'm in a yahoo group that my lss runs and she emails all the new stuff that comes in that day and each time I read it, I find myself trying to figure out how I can fit a trip in the next day--lol!! In fact, need to stop by tomorrow--lol! Hope you have a great time in AZ--very jealous!! Wish I could go!! Have a good holiday weekend!!

Hi Robyn...
I did check out your layouts and I thought they were very inspiring. I liked that you took those challenges and did something for yourself that was different for you. I thought to myself, I wish I would have tried. Since I am just a fan of a few great scrapbookers, I never know when I should post comments or not. I don't want you thinking I'm some wierd girl you don't know checking out the stuff you make...I guess I am, in a way, but I promise I'm not wierd, just a nice Christian chick with 3 kids, a husband in the Army....a sweet bassett hound dog...and I just love scrapbook and stamp stuff and I am happy to have found a few designers who I think are just amazing and really make me want to do my own thing...and admire your stuff as well...and so anyway I'm's late.....I noticed you have a comment from emily call, she is another designer I found on 2 peas who is so so talented...even though I don't know you personally, I think it's so cool that you share what you love to do with others through this blog and making things for companies....It does touch people....AND since I don't have any friends around here who love this stuff as much as I know I'm not the only crazy girl for loving a certain piece of pattern paper so very much!!! :)

Hope you get to create with all that new fun stuff you've been getting...and have a good weekend. My husband is home and I plan to create a few things for myself as well!!!

Your style is my favorite above all! Love your layouts..I just do much better as a lurker! =)

oh and congrats on becoming an auntie!!! I wish my sisters would get crackin'! LOL! I want a little niece or nephew! :)

Hey Robyn!
Well thanks for making me feel like poo, LOL! Your layouts are rockin' as usual!! I love all the buttons and how you used the scallop paper - and how cute are you!? I love the pink one too - they way you used the chipboard is just genuis!!!
No plans this weekend - just hanging out :) I wanna start scrappin again. It's been a week and I am dying to play!

I love your layouts. I don't post at the freestyle or me blogs so I will tell you hear. I love the one of Maddie as a baby. I know you don't like it but I do :) Have fun shopping. I am dying to find the new fontwerks stamps too. Let us know where you find them.

Always love your layout ideas!...thanks for emails..always helpful! Keep up good work! I'm a nervous person too ugh! Don't worry u aint only one. ;-D
Hugs Angie

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