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    Have you checked out the awesome products available through Stampin' Up? If your interested, check out my site for the online catalog, online ordering, fun ideas and more! :)

est. 04.02.05

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i can't wait to see who is all in this boOK!

wow, robyn - congrats on the trendsetters gig! i can't think of a more deserving designer!! :)

i am so excited to see your work in the trendsetters book! looks awesome!!

I will anxiously await getting this book! ;)
those stamps are seriously lucky girl!!!

Congratulations Robyn :) Can't wait to get my copy of the TrendSetter. You are very talented...and I enjoy reading your blog.

I hope your little one is doing better and you were able to grab a nap.

fun stuff robyn - can't wait to see that book!! congrats!

loved reading all your answers! fun to get inside your head a little as a designer! and huge congrats on the trendsetters book!!! i got an email about this coming out and was wondering who the 15 designers were before i decided to order it or not ... no i'll HAVE to order it! lol! any hints on who else is in there?!?!

Hey Robyn! Congratulations on the Trendsetters Idea Book! SO awesome, girl! ;) Thank you for answering my questions! ;) I loved reading your answers and I loved seeing your work in the latest BHG! ;)

oooh, that was fun! Loved reading your answers to these questions. :) Is the Trendsetters book available yet? I think I want it! (big surprise, huh?!?) Hope you get in a nap today!

awesome post!
i loved the questions and your answers
hope you get to have a nap :)

hey robyn,
i just wanted to say congratulations
on the upcoming Trendsetters book!
i cannot wait to see it.
also, i loved reading these questions
and answers.
you are so talented and i cannot wait
to see what you are cooking up with Autumn

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