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est. 04.02.05

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GASP! Those stamps are *amazing*! Who makes them? Where exactly did you get them?

Fun post -- it made me smile. :)

The new DW Color book I rec'd in the mail a couple of days ago is really making me happy! I love the texture & the creamy photos in the book. Can't wait to scrap again.

Have a great weekend!

I hope he happy feeling lasts for quite a while!!!

CE sounds like so much fun! I loved reading your post about it!

Such a cute banner and cool stamps! Margie brought me my name from there. It made me super happy! Glad your in the it when that happens. ;)

yay for you!!!! :) be happy!!! go create! :)


RW!! I was reading this and thinking, I had that kind of creative flow about a month ago and I lost my mojo....trying to find it! I just bought the new OCT BHG etc...I love the two layouts in there!! They are totally inspiring! Really nice to see your work so often!

AND I love, love, love your new banner!!

Have a great weekend!

how did i miss out on those metal stamps when i was at lucky 15?? so cute! what's making me happy right new wall mounted tv in my scrap studio. now i can do my 2 fave things at the same time! hehe!!

Great banner....loving your stamps. I think I'll be a little creative today here at work...and probably at home. Thanks for the inspiration and the link to 2peas. I didn't get the 2006 calendar...but I'm getting the 2007 and the Color Idea book....I have them on my want list...there want #1 and want #2. :)

Have a great day :)

love those stamps - soo cool!

Hey Robyn! So glad you're feeling happy and feeling refreshed about life! I LOVE those "be creative" stamps! Too cool!!! :)

oooh, I LOVE those kinds of days. The kind when you feel like you could accomplish anything - wide open possibilities. Happy Days...especially the ones for no one particular reason...are the BEST! Glad you're having one! :)

hey robyn,
sounds like you had a wonderful
time at Creative Escape--that
is fantastic!
love the 'be creative' stamps;
so cool!
glad to hear that all is well.

K- Girl! Love that photo of the stamps. I really need to get mine out of the bag. LOL!! And all the other fun stuff. I am sooo happy you are feeling good today! Remember the first step was your address book, so you are on your way!! You always inspire me , and today you do it again with your upbeat and positive attitude. Thanks, I needed a little kick in the pants.


I totally know what you mean Robyn about being so inspired and happy! I'm feeling it too. Don't you love those stamps and that store is amazing. I got a "?" stamp that I can't wait to use. I haven't put any of my creative escape stuff away yet either, I just keep looking at it and get excited. So fun!

Wow! You really got your batteries recharged. Okay, you've inspired me to kick it into gear -I simply must get my creative space in order. No choice. What's making me happy right now? It's 1:30, I'm done with work for the day, and I have the house to myself right now. Must get off the computer!

I love those stamps
i have a friend whose father makes the coolest art with these. They used to be used to print newspapers that why they come in so many different sizes.
so cool to look at :)

ok robyn ... can you share some of your excess happiness? lol! i lost the bounce in my step about 2 months ago ... although it's health related (something wrong with my feet, i can barely walk). i have so much i want to work on ... but my body is too darn tired to do it! lol!

i just got my DW color book last night. havn't had much time to look through it yet ... but it looks awesome! and my calendar has shipped so it should be here soon ... love those calendars! and i do believe that i have the same address planner in pink and brown ... had it for quite a while and have yet to write in it! lol!

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