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Did not see Grey's but I did do the colour challenge :) My goal is to try and do it each week :)


Hi Robyn,

Thanks for blog link...I'll have to get it out :)....I have to admitttt....I would really like Mer to hook-up with McDreamyyyy. I really like him :))))...I was sooo excited Friday evening...when GA came on...I'm a CSI fan so I had to tape GA and I was intending on watching my tape Friday evening...but...when I clicked on the TV and seen GA on....omgosh...I was really excited :)... have a wonderful to check out the blog :)

GA was so good. I have been wanting Mer with McDreamy all along but after this episode I really wanted her with McVet. The flashbacks made me hate McDreamy and I think McVet was right that Derek is bad for her. With all that being said I loved what McDreamy said to her. Oh those stupid writers they have me torn all over the place and this is a tv show.

Already checked out the new blog from Autumn Leaves... Love the challenges
Still need to get the book though!

The t.v. here got the weeks messed up with Grey's Anatomy, so they actually showed next weeks episode instead of the season I couldn't stop watching! Can't wait to get my DW Color book!

I'm so hooked on Grey's. I can't wait for the next one. I'm a McDreamy fan too. Even though he's kind of the bad boy he's so hot and kind of a good guy too, minus the baggage. Does that make sense?

Don't we always pick the bad guy? I am totally voting for McDreamy!!!!!

Hi Robyn, I just ordered the book and should get it this week along with the Creative Escape book. Can't wait. I wanted to scrap last night and just needed something to get me going, so I went with the first challenge on the new blog even though I don't have the book yet. I love how my layout turned out!

As for GA. I love that show! I want her to end up with McDreamy, but for some reason, my gut is telling me she will be with Finn first to add to the drama of the show. I do hope that is with McDreamy someday though!
Have a great Sunday.

Robyn, I checked out the DW Color blog & was so happy to see your name on there! Congrats!

I have the book & LOVE it.

I've watched Grey's, but I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I didn't think much of the season opener. (Hope noone tries to lynch me!). I do like McDreamy though. ::sigh::

I'll be checking out the DW Color blog for more of your stuff! Have a great week.

I watched both. I so love both of those shows. Grey's was fabulous! Even my husband got into it. Poor Izzy! I loved Callie and the whole dark and twisty thing was so great. Good stuff!!!! ER was awesome. I was dying when Abby went into labor and Luka was all tied up. The Sam/Steve thing was pretty sad, but good too ya know. Bring on next Thursday!

Hi Robyn....I am debating the dw color book....I have all of them so far and the calendars and I just wonder where this addictin is taking me....I keep finding it in online stores...and then closing out the site before's like it won't ever end, cause I know there is another one called the look book...and I'm sure a zillion more....and yes I love them....but my bookshlf is literally stuffed...but just os you know, I will break donw and purchase it; especialy after seeing that everyone is loving it...and now the blog...

Oh, I of course watched Grey's...couldn't wait for it to finally start either...and I know, I am shooting for mcDreamy as well, I don't know why, but I feel a push for those two. My husband said he watched a show downstairs (while I was upstairs watching GA) and he said it was a show making fun of all the times the guys on GA make their drama faces and say really gushy things....he so makes fun of everything I watch...but I still like it!

Just thought I'd share my thoughts too!

you just cant help but root for her to pick McDreamy...although I dont think that Finn will mess with her head as, it would be awesome to see her and McDreamy together, but then again, where would that leave the show, ya know?
ARGH! I will definitely be watching next week...and the week after...and the week after :)

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