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I totally enjoy your pages and your blog... wish I could think of a fun question! Are you a Stampin Up Rep? Can we order from you? I want that heart set that was pictured on SB Etc blog (with that adorable layout by your friend-- I want to COPY it!)...

What I would really like to know is... why don't you scrapbook YOU very much? Your kids are adorable but you are so pretty and should be on more of your pages :):):)

Hey girl!!! Nice to see your blog!!!

We need to get together the next time I come to town!!!


no question here (well, it's too silly to ask! lol)

anyways. just want to stop by and say hi. Hi!

Hi Robyn, you know I love your stuff. I don't know if I can word this correctly, but often I'm sure a layout, or, especially a project is better in person. Does it ever frustrate you? It frustrates me when I wish I could see more angles, or views of something. I've been lucky enough to take some classes from designers and if they bring projects to see, it is always so much more amazing in person. One example is in the Paper Cachet book, your 'HRW' project - I wish I could reach into the photo and check it out!

Oops--another questions! Do you print your photos at home? You seem to use a lot of different sizes--do you order all 5x7 and then crop if you need to?

By the time I'm inspired to do a layout with a photo larger than 4x6, it's midnight and no way for me to get a photo. My printer does an okay job on smaller photos, but I wonder how you get the perfectly sized photo when you want it.

okay, that's it. Thanks again!

Congrats on the beautiful page in this month's CK! I just received mine yesterday and saw your sweet girl's face on the table of contents page---I was so excited, even though I don't know you other than from your blog! And really, then it's as if you are in there twice this issue!

I think I posted my questions on your last post---sorry. Here's another-- -how do you keep your hand steady for cutting with the exacto knife so well? Does it just come with practice? A better knife? I ruin most of what I try cutting that way.

Looking forward to reading all the answers when you get a chance.


I totally understand your frustration...when you have 'just the right thing' and nothing else will do...glad you found the rub-on you needed!

hmmmm...let's see a ???? for you....
favorite font? do you have one?

have fun at creative escape! looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back!

Have fun at CE and if you meet Terri Gordon the krafter purse lady...tell her that her good friend Kim, who blogs with you wishes she was there with you guys.


I LOVE your work Robyn and so my question is - what inspires you? Do you work from a sketch or just go with the flow? I'd love to hear your "process." ;) Oh, and what sewing machine do you have? That's more than one question, but you get the idea! ;) Hehe!

I don't really have a question, but I just saw your LO in the October CK and had to tell you how amazing it is! Everything about it is perfect!

I've never posted on your blog before, but I wonder, what is your favorite layout that you've done?

you've had some great design team opportunities come your way ... and yet i've never really seen you published all that much (correct me if i'm wrong, but i would definately notice you in the mags! lol!). which brings me to my question ...
there is just so much talent out there and so much competition. do you think there's a way to get yourself noticed more or seen more ... without devoting your entire life to it? lol! i keep hearing "just keep submitting and it'll happen" ... and yet after a while i think some people (at least i know i do) question if it's worth it. any advice?
and thanks in advance!

sorry, i dont have any questions, but...
i am so jealous that you get to go to CE! I know a few people going, the classes are going to ROCK!

Have a great time!


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