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est. 04.02.05

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OK I have another guess... RAV 4 or a Honda CRV

Robyn - I hope everyone is better soon! Enjoy your new car, my guess is a Dodge Durango.

oh robyn!
poor hudson, poor you!
sending big get well hugs.
poor little dude. hope the meds help!

How about a Volvo wagon or a Mitsubishi Montero?

ok, cross between an SUV and a it the pacifica?
I hope Hudson is feeling better soon.

Maybe...a Chevy Suburban?

Hey Robin--so glad you know what's wrong with Hudson now and hope he's on the way to getting better---HATE it when my kids are sick--I always think the worst (maybe because I'm a nurse--lol), meds are EXPENSIVE...but anything for our little ones, right? Have a good weekend...

get well to your little one...LOVE the new banner!

I love, love, love the new banner. How can I go a cool banner like that???

Still need to work on my 3 product challenge. Actually, I need to scrapbook anything...have been in a slump(is that how you spell slump?)


Ok Subaru? Mazda Tribute? Nissan Pathfinder? Rav 4? Honda CRV? Ok. Thats all I can think of. EEK on the meds. Man. Hope he gets feeling beter!

Sorry to here about your little one.. Hope he is feeling better soon. My guess for your new SUV is a Nissian Pathfinder.

Robyn hugs to Hudson and well wishes for a speedy recovery!

On the SUV could it be a GMC Yukon?

Jeep Grand Cherokee or Liberty?? or a Mountaineer? Or a Xterra? or a Trailblazer? or a Santa Fe? Just trying to think of what my friends drive! All SUV's!!

I am so sorry that little Hudson has thrush! That is never fun and would definitely explain his loss of appetite. Hand, foot, mouth is going around here. The doc, said to mix a 1/2 tsp of maalox any flavor and 1/2 tsp of benadryl, again any flavor together and that helps with the swelling of the blisters and the maalox coats their throat and soothes them too. Since they cannot swish yet, they just swallow it. The Dr. said it is good for anyone who gets cold sores too. Good luck! Hopefully on the mend soon.

so sorry about the thrush. my daughter had that when she was 1. their poor little mouths hurt so bad.

i think that you got a toyota 4 runner.

So true, but I'm always thrilled when the weekend arrives sooner. Hoping your son Hudson feels better soon! It's always a relief to finally know what's being ailing them, isn't it?

I know ziltch about cars, but I'm gonna guess anyway---a Subaru Forester (not a true SUV but a "type" and what I wish I could trade my outback in for!).

Love the new banner!

Hi Robyn! So sorry to hear that little Hudson is so sick! I hope he gets to feeling better soon!! As for the car guess - I'm gonna say maybe a Ford Escape or a Tahoe? :)

Okay, I'm going to try again. Is it a Ford Explorer? Or maybe a Toyota Highlander??? I hope your son is feeling better with all the meds he's taking. Poor little guy.

i feel the same way on holiday weeks ... the whole week just doens't feel right. poor little hudson. hopefully with his meds (amazing how much those are sometimes!) he'll start feeling better. cute stuff from cafe press ... i have the same shirt from rhonna! no guesses here on the car ... i couldn't even tell you the name of an suv if i tried! so not a car person! lol!

Hi Robyn,

Oh so sorry to hear that Hudson has thrush....poor little guy!! {{Huggs}} to you both!! Feel better soon!! Will be thinking well wishes for you guys!!

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