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    Have you checked out the awesome products available through Stampin' Up? If your interested, check out my site for the online catalog, online ordering, fun ideas and more! :)

est. 04.02.05

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yea Robyn! You are so deserving of this! I cannot wait to see your stuff :)

:) You are so talented! So excited for you!!!

SO EXCITED for you Robyn! What awesome news. Can't wait to see your new 2peas stuff!

i'm so thrilled for you, robyn!
can't wait to see you as the GGG.
you are so talented!

Congratulations, Robyn! That is SO awesome! As soon as you posted on that thread I just KNEW Jeff would pick you! ;) Can't wait to see your GGG work!

so excited for you! :) you deserve it!

soooo happy for you on the GGG. That is a great, wonderful, amazing thing for you.
I had read your previous post about your daughter and how stressed and heavy-hearted you have been feeling. I wanted to think of something inspiring to say...and so I popped on tonight and then...I saw your good news about 2 peas. I notice that in my own deepest moments of struggle within myself...things happen to remind me that through patience and God's will, VERY GOOD things come. Not that being a guest Garden Girl will change your stuggle in other areas of your life...but it does give a happiness to your heart...a much needed one...and one that you truly deserve for your creative talents.
Like a really good pick-me-up from the ONE Himself.
Congrats to you Robyn, I so look forward to seeing what you create at 2 Peas and...wishing you strength on the days (and sleepless nights) when you need it most!

Congratulations Robyn!
yipee!!! I'm SOOOOO happy for you!! You totally deserve it. Can't wait to see your work :)

Congrats Robyn! Your work is excellent! I cannot wait to see what you come up with for the Garden!! HUGE HUGS TO YOU!

Way to go girly! Your stuff is great.

congratulations GIRL... You deserved it...



I was so hopin it would be you!! A big Congrats to you!!! I know this means the world to you and I'm sure you will just do amazing things!! Can't wait to see what ya do. CONGRATS AGAIN!!! You deserve it.


Congratulations!!!!! Can't wait to see what you create.

congrats robyn!!! i saw that last night and was so excited for you!!! i think for so many of us, being a GG would be like the ultimate goal ... and you're on your way!!! can't wait to see what you come up with!

woohoo! I remember reading a long long time ago how much you really wanted to be a were the perfect choice for this! Congratulations! :)

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