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est. 04.02.05

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WOO HOO!! Congrats to you! You so deserve it :)



I've had those days...and even those weeks...I'm glad you are at peace now.


robyn - wish i was there with you to help you out and just to talk and listen and hang out! i am glad that you are feeling better about things! please remember to call me - i am always here!!
and congrats again on ggg - all of your layouts rocked!!

Robyn I love that you are so open and honest I only wish I lived closer so I could give you a little break. Big hugs and just know it does get better.

It was so wonderful to see you as ggg!!!!!! Your stuff was always!!! :)

i love you babe!!!!!!!!!!

the preisthood is awesome. amazing. SUCH A BLESSING!!!!

Robyn - sorry your husband wasn't able to go. So many times my dh and I just takes turns. We don't have many options with Madison and we don't want Hayden to miss out, but sometimes we just don't I just popped in, read a bit and wanted to say hi.

Have a great weekend. I am feeling creative and hope to get some stuff for me done.


you deserve all of the congrats and adulation that you received for your GG spot and more. You are very talented and a good person. I am glad you are feeling better about your day!

I love the layout, Robyn!

I am so glad you are feeling more peaceful! I hope all of you are feeling 100% in every way again soon!

loved that layout when i saw it over on 2peas! i think we all have those days when we're on the verge of loosing it with our kids ... when even the littlest thing will push us over the edge. i know i have plenty of them. so glad you have a great support system in your family to help you out. my thoughts are with you today and this weekend! hope everyone is feeling better soon. hugs!


Being a mom is sooooo dang hard! Some days I just can't take any more! I think as women we feel the need to do it all. Be the best mom, wife, daughter, doing the best at our callings, keep a perfect house and on top of all that, find some time for ourselves to be creative and such. Such pressure! I just wanted you to know that you're not alone in your feelings. I am glad that you sought the comfort of the Spirit and that reminded me to do the same! Keep up the good work in all that you do! Hugs!

Sweet...So sorry about the sick kiddies! LOVE this layout! Love that you're using petals!! Wish I lived closer...I totally would have watched your kids so you could go to Powell!! Dangit!
kiss kiss

Oh, hugs to you Robyn!!! It is such a great blessing to have the priesthood in your home, isn't it? It is so comforting!
Hoping things calm down for you soon and your kids are healthy and back to eating regularly.
Take it easy!

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