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Hey Robyn - sorry to hear that Madi is suffering. I've been diagnosed with anxiety attacks and understand all too well what that is like. One word of caution - please do alot of research before allowing her dr. to put her on anti-anxiety medication. While many of them do work - some have very severe side effects. There are alot of message boards and web sites out there that have great information - I wish I would have done it when I was starting to take them. Email me if you have any questions!

my heart aches for you! i know that you love madi so much and i know you only want what is best for her. seeing our children struggle is so hard. i hope that you find the answers that you are seeking. prayers and hugs to you all!

HI I just saw you won the GGG spot and wanted to give you a HUGE congrats!!! I love your gallery and you so deserve this spot, now make some superfly lo's!


Hugs and Prayers to you Robyn~ I admire you and your dedication to your family and talents. I've always been told that God gave you the children he did in order to become the Mom that He intended you to be. (And even more times questioned if I'd ever be able to live up to that.) Happy NSD - enjoy, it's your day!!

hey robyn! i'll be thinking good thoughts for you, madi, and the rest of your family. i know you'll do whatever you can to make her life better for her. nothing going on here for nsd. just found out the lss where i teach is closing ... so nothing over there. i just ordered a few things online ... got my new making memories home decor book yesterday! such good stuff in there! i know there is stuff on qvc ... is that sad to spend nsd watching qvc (not buying, just watching!)? lol!

Wishing you the best Robyn and saying a pray for you and your family...

Just got home from my LSS where I took a class with Janna from Junkitz...It was great and tomorrow I will be back there again for two more classes with Janna. Great gal and I love her stuff. That is how I will be spending NSD.. The best part of NSD was a box of scrapbook stuff that my mother-in-law sent me. I love getting a gift for NSD. How thoughtful is that.

Take care

Hugs to you, Robyn! You're a great mom, always striving to do the best for your girl! : )

Hi Robyn,
Sorry things are so difficult right now. God sends us these little children to teach us so many things... it makes it so hard when we feel helpless. He sent Madi to you because he knew you were capable of helping her handle all of the trials that would come her way. (Not everyone would have that courage or strength.) Good luck with everything! I'll pray for you to be able to find something that helps. Hugs to you and your family... and if I were you, I'd totally call to set up a massage, especially if your husband was the one who suggested it:)

big hugs, robyn.
you and madi are in my prayers...I hope that you find exactly what she needs whether it is medication,etc.
thinking of you!!!!

Big hugs Robyn and give a hug to Madi too! I will pray that they find something that will work well for her. It's so hard when you see your child suffer. One of my daughters has a learning disability and currently one of her teachers (she's in 9th grade now) doesn't believe she has a problem because she doesn't look like she has one and we struggle with that a lot. She has short term memory loss and auditory processing problems so there is no quick fix solution for that one but we take each day as it comes. If you ever just need to vent you can e-mail me or if you'd like I will gladly give you my phone number as well.

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