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Congrats on the GGG spot! I love the layouts! How was the movie? I am looking forward to seeing it as well.

Your layouts were incredible!! :)

I would love to pre-order the catalog - please email me!

I don't have much advice for the garage sale - just keep things cheap! Better to get something out of a sunk cost than nothing, and the cheaper things are, the more people will tend to buy!

So sorry about your little guy - sorry I can't offer any advice on that one! Good luck! Oh, and let us know how you like the DaVinci Code - DH and I are planning on seeing it next weekend.

My daughter lived on milk for 2 months. I was beside myself and thought the worst mother awards were on the way. Dr. said as long as I try to give her something everyday and let her eat with us she'd snap out of it. 21 pounds later. He was right! Have fun at the Da Vinci code. I want to go, but think I may have to wait a bit!

Hey Robyn, I am going to email you regarding Hudson.

wish i could give you some advice for hudson ... but i've never had a kid (including my daycare kids) that wouldn't eat. i only have kids that eat too much! lol! hopefully it won't last long and he'll be back to eating all his favorites. good luck with the garage sale if you have it! i don't do garage sales ... because i don't know what to price things at either! i'm a huge fan of just donating it ... the tax write off helps us more that whatever we would get at a sale anyway. have fun at the movies tonight! can't even remember the last time i've gone to see a movie ... in a theatre ... how pathetic is that?!?! lol!

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