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If you think he might be allergic to milk, try the silk soy kind. It comes in vanilla, choco, and reg. That may help. I have one kiddo who is lactose intolerant. I know you have probably heard of the brat diet when kiddos have the runs, bananas, rice, applesauce, toast.....wish I had more advice for you. Right now we are battling the fussies and the constant, insestant whining!!!! That is so tiring on the soul! Good luck with H and hang in there

poor little hudson! one of my daycare boys has the worst little bum (more of an ezcema thing for him though) ... always hurting him and i feel so bad for him. wish i had some advice for you, but i don't. so sorry you couldn't go this weekend with your family. my husband is working all weekend ... so it's just me and my girls for 3 days! i shouldn't make it sound so bad ... but they're 6 & 9, so they do nothing but fight! can't wait to see what you got at cafe press! i love all the shirts i got ... but am a little ticked since they all shrank in the length and are more on the short side now (darn low-rise pants!). and i didn't even dry them all the way! lol!

Hi Robyn....When my kids were younger...I remember going through days like yours with your little guy. One day I discovered those pedialite popcicle things. For extra calories when it's oming out of either end. And that helped. Mine would drink those shake kinds of things as well, not sure about the age though, maybe they were closer to 3 and 4. You may want to check that out...since he won't eat anything but the milk that's not helping his bottom, or probably not his belly either. Just a thought. Since it's been days, it may be time for a Doctor visit. :) I hope he gets better for you and for him very soon.
Too bad you can't go on the all adult boating adventure...that would have been cool. You are not the only one without a husband is at a "ball" tonight without me. It was actually mandatory for him to my daughter Camille says...."Mom, if you don't go, daddy will have to dance with another woman!!!" Gave us both a chuckle...besides the other woman husband is not a dancer, so it would really be something. Anyway...have a great weekend.

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