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est. 04.02.05

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How about a Tahoe or Suburban?

Lovin this page! Your work speaks to me girl!! I know what car you want, could it be? Miss your little face. Have a great day!


such an adorable layout! what a cutie :)

I guess my favorite, a volvo...any kind. I drive a V70, station wagon!!


I guess a Audi, BMW, Mercedes. I love your layout, great work. Sorry to about Hudson,glad to Madi is feeling better.

a cute safe volvo

What a great layout -- love the color photo (I won't tell you how grown up he looks to me ;)) Here's to a better week for you and your sweet little family!! Ooh, and will you be driving a Subaru in the near future? lol

Love your layout! I'm guessing you're getting a Honda.

What a great layout! I just love your style. Colors are so fresh and clean!

I'm going to guess an Avalon. Don't all GA's drive Avalons? :)

The layout is perfection as usual. I love your thought process. I wish I could do that. Just sit and make PERFECTION. Enjoy the new car!

Awesome layout, Robyn! :)

Super cute layout! Congrats on the new car. :) My guess is that it's an Envoy or a PT Cruiser.

Robyn...great layout. I love it. What a good looking son you have. :)
I'll have to have a try at one of your 3 challenges, I love seeing what the newest one is.
Hope you have a good, less stress, healthy, happy, sick free children week!!!
I can't even think of a car name, but I'll guess some sort of Honda...or Nissan, or Toyota...oh forget it, I have no idea about cars...I barely know mine is a GMC Yukon the XL one ..that's because my husband has said it over and over the past 2 years...
Happy Tuesday!!!

how cute is this?
love it.
glad to hear that madi is feeling better and hope hudson feels better soon.

love the layout! love how you lined up all the smaller photos! i also got the entire AL office collection ... in fact some of the stuff i had to have 2 of! do i use it? not really! lol! maybe i'll take this challenge one step further and add the office collection also!

What a fun challenge. Your layout looks great and those pictures are just adorable.

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