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    Have you checked out the awesome products available through Stampin' Up? If your interested, check out my site for the online catalog, online ordering, fun ideas and more! :)

est. 04.02.05

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Jealous! Wish I had a Target closer!!! :o) Guess I need to plan a little outing! Checked out the links you gave...Love all your work - always!

I found the Real Simple stuff at Target over the weekend and I fell in love...only bought a little bit but I'll will be back. By the way...lovin' your blog.

loved your FOF are so talented. Loved the stuff in the BG newsletter too! Congrats on all of it :)

very cool layout over at fontwerks! also saw your work over on the basic grey newsletter earlier this week ... great stuff! i feel like i havn't been to target for ages ... and i'm usually there at least once a week. i'm a sucker for organizational things!


What section of Target was the Real Simple Organizational stuff...I have to go to Target later and want to check it out


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