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est. 04.02.05

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So so so so Love love love this! Fun you have Boho! don't even have any Boho! Loving this girl!
kiss kiss
ps going to mesa???

I definitely have those kinds of days! I think that lots of us do. You are talented though, no reason to feel down or worry about that...promise :)

I'm sure that even your blah work (if there is such a thing) will still be inspiration to us all. Still.. sometimes even the best need to take a break and step away from it all to put things into perspecive. Good luck, we're all rooting for you!

Mindy JOhnson

i think we all have those kind of days ... i know i have them all the time! you have such talent and the most awesome layouts! just keep doing what you do best ... cuz i know we all love your work! hope tomorrow is a better day!

I am having a horrible day too! I have been crying over everthing today! And now.....I need to cry more because I need you for some quick assignments this weekend and you're not going to be around! No, but seriously....feel better, you are awesome. TRULY!

oh robyn, sorry to hear about the blahs...they are the worst.
I think you rock girl. and congrats on the page call, assignments and more... :)
sending lots of happy scrappy mojo thoughts your way.

Robyn...I am having the blahhs as well today. So it must be in the air, and therefore it has nothing to do with YOU specifically. It must be something out of our control. :)
Here's a thought...if you don't have a few days where you feel like crap, then when you do feel good, you won't realize it as much...BUT since you have your blah days, the ones that are better are that much better...
Yeah, it doens't quite change my "blah" feeling either, but it sounds very good, doesn't it?? :)
here is an idea...grab one of your favorite idea books and just spend a few minutes looking, taking it all in...maybe a color combination or set of embellishments will stand out to you and next thing you know you'll have a ton of ideas flowing your way.
(it just might work)
Or completely walk away from it all, call it a day and try again tomorrow...with a fresh start and some happier (creative) thoughts.
wishing you some happy sunshiney productive vibes...

you know how much i love ya! and your work!
it'll pass...
'til then, HUGS! :)

See your previous post(beautiful layout for challenge #5 every Monday I look forward to what you have come up with next...I love your stuff and you are an inspiration to me. I am working on challenge #5 and I am also doing the 21 day challenge...finished two pages. I posted them on my blog and I want to know how I get CK to contact me to do a layout for them (that is a goal/dream of mine....don't be so hard on your self...YOU ROCK and I am sure you will get rid of the Blahhhhhhh's soon. Have a great day

Kim Bolyard

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