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I love your journal entry! And you 3 product layout is great - love your work

Robyn...I have a ton of WW recipes at home. I'm pretty sure I saved them all in a Word doc. If you want them, let me know and I can email them (assuming I can find them, lol!). I just got home from Vegas so I am getting myself back on track with WW too! :)

Ok Robyn, I am here to help you....first I love your page...It is hard for me to to stop thinking like a scrapbooker and think art journal...I don't always like my page either but I make my self leave it as is. I am so glad you decided to do the 21 day challenge...My goal is to simplify my home mainly so I can relax in a clean picked up house and to do just something (even if litte like making the bed) far it is working. Ok, now for your goal...I need to get back into shape myself. I did Weight Watchers 4 years ago and lost 44 pounds(so I know you can do it) WW is the best diet and helps you long term...I have kept it off with a few bumps here in there where I gained back about 10 pounds once or twice in the 4 what I do is start counting my points again...exercise (mainly walking and riding my bike) and drink a ton of water everyday. If you stick to those things it will happen and at your first weigh in when you have lost 3 to 5 pounds you will be motivated to keep always works for me and I willing to do it with you cause as of right now I have that extra 10 or maybe 12 pounds coming back on. I always check my blog and e-mail in the am around 9:30 am we will e-mail each other and remind each other to go for a walk...Sorry this is so long but I know exactly how you feel. I will have to e-mail a before and after photo of myself so you can see...have a great weekend


Wow this is amazing... I really love it


Your page is gorgeous, Robyn! Love the epoxies. Such fun to explore new blogs through this project/challenge! Hope you and your family are feeling better soon!

love the journal page! I think it looks really cool. I think the reason I am stalling on starting my art journal is for the same reason you mentioned, just being too comfortable with the way you have been doing things. I know I fall victim to this too!
I can never ever wait until I get something in the mail (like my scrap mags) and usually end up buying them too...gotta stop that!
sorry you arent going to make it to your parents' this weekend!

i just loooooove your into page! don't change it at all! i love the pink and silver together! almost makes me want to try the challenge ... but i don't think i could design that way! lol! can't wait to see your layout for the bhg assignment ... and whatever you're lucky enough to be doing for mm! must be soooo much fun! good luck on the eating and working out thing. can't help you with any healthy snacks since i live on cookies and candy. i need to work on that too ... but apparently i have no self-control!

i love your intro page to your journal!
i think it is a so pretty and love your handwriting.

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