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est. 04.02.05

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i am so sorry to hear about your horrible night. i felt so bad reading your blog. hope there are better nights ahead.

((hugs)) on a bad night - and happy birthday to your hubby!!

Sounds like night terrors, Robyn. She would be about the right age for those. We had them for a while as well. They do grow out of them, but it's very scary when you can't reason with the kid. They're completely in their own world. There's lots to read on the web about them, so do a search. Hugs to you!

Are you talking about night terrors? My son had those for about a year. You are right, they are hard. Luckily for us, they tapered off. I hope you and your daughter get a good night rest.

Oh, so sorry you had a hard night, Robyn! I hope tonight is a GOOD night!! Tell me whether or not you liked the movie, k?

i wish i lived next door too!!! ;)

LOVE YA!!!!!!!

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