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That poem was so neat! I had to comment on it, it brought tears to my eyes, too. Last night Dave and I saw a story on ESPN of a teenage boy who had exactly high functioning autism and it was the neatest story ever! We rewound it and recorded it to show you as soon as we see you, we both cried. It was just so neat to see how everyone in the high school cheered around this boy. Ah, you will love it. Again, that is a beautiful poem.

I still can't get over how beautiful your work is, everytime I see a page you've done I study it for ever! You are so amazingly talented! thanks for posting my site on here, you are so sweet. I am updating a new baby section hopefully in about a that I have done since I got my new studio, so you will have to check that out.

Dave and I saw Firewall and i really liked it but he thought it was so-so...I don't know why!

So sorry we didn't come down last weekend, he couldn't get Fri. or Mon. off. I was pretty bummed and hope we can plan something else soon. Cute of you to post about Ella. love you, bye!

such a wonderful poem...
love that Thena!


Thena is a treasure herself! I missed that, thanks for sharing...I'll share it with my sister-in-law. I'm wanting to see Firewall...sounds like a great escape.

Robyn - thank you for posting Thena's poem....I missed it in The Pub. I just did a layout about my Madison's autism and this would perfect to add. Have a great night and thanks for the CHA previews...I can't wait to get my hands on the Basic Grey.

Superior Pea

we saw firewall on saturday night and loved it. i agree, never a dull moment. i was surprised to hear today that pink panther was the #1 movie this weekend. i hope you were able to rest a little.
enjoy your strawberry jam, delicious!

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